Portfolio module 1 {Foundations of Data Science} Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate

Portfolio module 1 {Foundations of Data Science} Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate
Google Advanced Data Analytics
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Hello everyone. I started studying for the Google Advanced Data Analytics course on Coursera. Why do I need this course, being a product manager? I believe that product management is closely related to data analysis, just like marketing, where I spent a lot of time analyzing data. I am confident that a combination of skills in product management, marketing, and data analysis will allow me to find an interesting and well-paid position. I passed the first of seven parts of the course. The course offers to create a portfolio that can help with employment, and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

So, I was given two letters:

Meeting notes

Now that you are onboard, you have access to the company network and are set up with a company email account.

You notice an email from your supervisor at the top of your inbox.

From: Rosie Mae Bradshaw

Subject: Your first task: Review meeting notes

If you are able to read this, then your company accounts have been created! It’s the perfect time to get started with your first task. Last week, I attended an internal meeting with our leadership team about a new project we are about to begin. You’ll receive more information in the next few days, but I would like you to be aware of some needs that were identified by our leadership. Here is an excerpt from the notes I took during the leadership team meeting. I’ve organized the points by the individual who made the comment:

Mary Joanna Rodgers- Project Management Officer

  • The project will need a global document identifying deliverables & milestones.
  • We will need to generate some visuals to share with TikTok executives.

Orion Rainier-Data Scientist

  • We will need to have an understanding of the data we will be working with on this project.
  • It will require someone on the team to inspect the dataset for missing data.
  • The data team needs to determine what information will be the most useful in TikTok’s data through exploratory data analysis (EDA).
  • Eventually, our team will need to run some method of statistical testing.

Willow Jaffey- Data Science Lead

  • The goal of the claim classification project is to build and deliver a reliable machine learning model.
  • The team will need to determine the type of regression model for this project.
  • Once we have a final model, I'll need to know the main talking points going into our presentation to the leadership team.
  • The team will need to determine the best method of hypothesis testing for this dataset.

My thoughts and concerns…

  • I think it's best to use Python for this project. I'll have someone on my team set that up as soon as we have the project proposal in place.
  • I'd suggest the data team will need to check the assumptions made by any regression modeling developed for this project.
  • The data team will identify and set up the project’s workflow.

There will be more details sent to you very soon.

Welcome to the team,

Rosie Mae Bradshaw

Data Science Manager


Email from Rosie Mae Bradshaw, TikTok’s Data Analysis Manager

Subject: Welcome to the TikTok data team

From: Rosie Mae Bradshaw@TikTok

Welcome to the TikTok data team!

We are so glad to have you aboard.

I’d like to get you started on our latest project. I’ll provide a little background that will give some context.

With the number of submissions and interactions on TikTok each day, it’s challenging for our moderators to review each video, user comment, and content claim in a timely manner. You will assist us with the development of machine learning techniques that will assist in distinguishing between claims or opinions within content on the TikTok platform. The goal is to build a machine learning model with the capability to reliably classify user interaction data as a claim or opinion.

For your first task, please draft a plan of action for the team. Include questions we need to answer before we get started on the project, important details to consider at the beginning of the project, and the milestones we'll likely need throughout the duration of the project. To help get you started, I’ll pass along some bullet points I’ve collected from stakeholders in an email.

I recall from your interview that you’ve completed a Google Careers Certificate on Advanced Data Analytics. I’ve heard great things about the Google certificates. I'm sure that you’ll be able to use those skills to help get this latest project started.

If you need anything as you are settling in, feel free to reach out.

Rosie Mae Bradshaw

Data Analysis Manager


And 4 tasks were given:

Step 2: Review the first page of the PACE strategy document

The Course 1 PACE strategy document will guide you in determining the tasks necessary to complete the project proposal. As you approach each section, keep the PACE framework in mind. Consider how and when a data professional would plan, analyze, construct, and execute each task. Begin by reading through the instructions and information on page 1 of the PACE strategy document.

Step 3: Complete the Data Project Questions & Considerations

In the Data Project Questions & Considerations section of the PACE strategy document, you are presented with questions designed to help you unlock a deeper understanding of data analytics. Complete the questions in this section.

Step 4: Complete the PACE workflow

In the PACE workflow section of the PACE strategy document, you are presented with a list of tasks identified by TikTok’s data team as necessary for the project. Classify these tasks into the appropriate PACE stages and explain each classification.

Step 5: Complete the project proposal

As part of your work on the PACE strategy document, you identified PACE stages for tasks that need to be completed in the TikTok project. This information will help you assign tasks to milestones in the TikTok project proposal. Complete the project proposal by:

  • Entering a project title
  • Adding an overview of the project
  • Identifying the order of tasks
  • Associating each task with the relevant milestone
  • Determining the PACE stage(s) for each task*
  • [Optional task] Assigning each task to the most relevant stakeholder
  • Note that some tasks may be associated with more than one PACE stage. To connect more than one stage with a task, copy and paste the Select PACE stage dropdown menu and select an additional stage.


Activity Template: Course 1 PACE strategy document
Activity Template: Project Proposal

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